History of Creative Edge Offices,
Who we are and why we do it!

1520 Cloverfield Creative Building

1520 Cloverfield Creative Building - Brick, Meet Metal

The previously dry architectural history of Santa Monica got a kickstart when Frank O. Gehry (www.foga.com) moved into the 1520 Cloverfield Blvd., warehouse circa 1962. At the time, the building was mostly brick structure with internal stairways, a shortage of light, and many of the spaces featured roll-up doors and tenants that were more interested in an industrial use. Inspired by the postmodern and deconstructionist movements, Frank Gehry came up with a revolutionary remodel design for the former wig warehouse to be creatively converted into some of the most interesting and architectural forward-thinking loft-like creative office space the area had ever seen. Gehry's adaptive redesign utilized a stainless steel facia, oversized sleek external walkways, and a stunning and recognisable front steel triangular type feature facing the street, which all blended with the traditional brick into a hybrid, that bridges the past and the present. Using this headquarters, Gehry created some of his most recognisable works, the most notable being the Disney Concert Center, which utilized what had become Gehry's signatures-stainless steel. When Gehry outgrew his digs in the 2000's and moved to build his own project, the building was repositioned towards media/film tenants and currently houses some of the industry's largest movie producers and content generators, as well as many longterm tenants wo feed off of creativity the space lends.

1447 Cloverfield

1447 Cloverfield - California Lifestyle = Big Smile

A former gas station site, the two story 1447 Cloverfield was constructed with Mike tarantino as general contractor and David F. Hibbert as architect circa 2000, with timeless but modern motif. Copper canopies, meant to improve with age, compliment a classic modern brick base in a building catering to the California lifestyle with lots of light, private outdoor patios, lush landscape and open area, breaking the rule that office has to be stuffy. The offices themselves are the highlights, as the buildouts were built specifically for the creative, the ceilings and buildouts perfectly suit ideamakers and creatives, who refuse to be bounded by convention. The building also features underground parking and gated access.

Westgate Media Park

Westgate Media Park - Add Some Sleek To Your Work Week

An extensive multi-million dollar external and internal transformation was completed in 2002. The "plane wing-like" concept itself was CEO cohort Frank Gehry's inspiration, but it was his former disciple, the Award-winning Randall Stout (www.stoutarc.com), who designed and executed the renovation, that transformed a pair of two story 1970's commercial office buildings spanning an entire city block into a high-profile and visionary media complex. The result: an entirely new image and feel that catered to the evolving tenant profile, featuring Media and Web 2.0 technology-based tenants. The original dated, dull, brown wood cladding was scrapped in favor of a contemporary curved stainless steel fascias, adding five feet to the original 26-foot height. Powerful stainless steel clad canopies are decoratively stunning, but also functionaly and act as light shelves, and reflect the natural light deeper into tenant spaces. Those lower canopies also shelter the suite lobbies and spaces, and add a unique sculptural quality at the pedestrian level.

Panavision - Hollywood

Panavision - Hollywood - Hollywood & Divine

6735 Selma Avenue, Hollywood is a trophy two-story single tenant creative office building that has been 100% leased to PANAVISION since its completion in 1995. Building features include an outdoor deck, a ten plus person screening room, executive offices, a production area with ceiling heights that exceed 15 feet, machine rooms and an architecturally unique conference room. Located in the heart of Hollywood, the building is within walking distance of numerous residential and retail amenities, including the Hollywood and Highland complex, the Roosevelt Hotel, the El Capitan Theater, the Dolby Theater and much more.


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